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First Film from New Colorado-based Production Company Opens in Denver
Media Contact: Julie DiBiase
E-mail: jules@puppetstew.com

(Boulder, CO) Puppet Stew Productions, a new Colorado-based film production company, announces the opening of their first short film, "The Bloods and the Crips." The premiere will be at 7 PM, May 22nd at the Starz Film Center in Denver.

Puppet Stew's first work is approximately 30 minutes long. The film is a non-profit endeavor that was shot locally in Boulder and Louisville over three weekends in March. Although the title, "The Bloods and the Crips" ostensibly implies gang conflict, it is actually a word play hinting at the warring underside of two neo-suburban families. The film is a dry comedy and modern day retelling of the classic "Romeo and Juliet." Through the lives of two feuding white middle-class families, the Youngbloods and Cripplehorns, the film examines the downfall of the family unit as spurred by a failure to balance virtue, human imperfection, and the desire for neighborhood supremacy.

Puppet Stew learned two things in the process of making the film: a) the availability and enthusiasm of great people in Colorado who were eager to contribute, and b) that frugality and filmmaking can coexist. Puppet Stew was amazed at the availability of skillful actors and the response received through local acting groups and talent agencies. Between 20-30 people joined the non-paid cast and crew on any given day of filming, dedicating their time and professionalism for the sake of the experience and creative expression. Many of these capable professionals have said they will stick around for Puppet Stewís next project.

Puppet Stew was challenged during the process to come up with innovative solutions that did not require big budget expenditures. Again they credit the talented and dedicated local people who joined the project. ìWe had several cases of a cast or crew member thinking up something that really added to the quality of the resulting footage,î said Julie DiBiase, Puppet Stew principal.

Another short film - Meat, by Vincent Piturro Jr., will also be shown at the opening. Admission is $5. After the opening, the "The Bloods and the Crips" will be submitted to several U.S. and international festivals.

Puppet Stew was created in Boulder in 2002. The companyís mission is threefold: 1) to increase the volume of films produced locally, 2) to create work for high-quality local film talent who might otherwise have to move to one of the Coasts, and 3) to supply opportunities for local colleges and community members to work on professional-quality digital video productions. The company hopes to provide internship opportunities for Colorado film students in Boulder and Denver.

Puppet Stew Productions is unique in the Denver metro area in that it is focusing on independent film making from start to finish, from "idea" to "distribution". The companyís goal is to produce festival-quality work that will provide national exposure for Colorado artists. For more information, please go to www.puppetstew.com or contact Julie DiBiase at jules@puppetstew.com.

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